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Welcome to HTML Studio, Nottingham

With more and more business being conducted online it's important to have an effective and attractive web presence. We've been running since 2015 and have developed an extensive portfolio of websites and applications. . From working with sole traders to the Wildlife Trusts via Oxford University, we've got the experience required to help your business.

Our ethos is to keep things simple, even the most complex project can be broken down into smaller simpler components. Following an agile approach allows us to work closely with our clients in order deliver the results they want. The first question we ask when taking on a new project is, 'what is the client trying to achieve?' Doing this allows us to address the fundamental nature of the project and then we work together to ensure that both the design and technology fit the project.

We use best in class tools and with our wide range of experience we can propose the best software for the job and provide any necessary training.From a simple one page website through to online stores or mobile apps we can help you.

Website Development

We have experience in developing on many platforms including wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart and ASP.NET so we can help you realise your goals quickly and in a cost-effective manner.


whether it's an online store or a subscription website we can help you to achieve your goals when it comes to doing business online

Business Software

If you need a new quotation system or an in house piece of software developing then we can help. We have developed complex software solutions in the past and can build somethng specific to your requirements.

App Development

Need an app that works on multiple platforms? We can help with that, using best in class tools we create high-performance, connected mobile apps.


We work extensively with worpress and develop advanced custom themes and plugins to suit your business. We also work with existing themes and provide customisation and modification.


Do you need one system to talk to another, your website to rightmove or a CRM? We have extensive experience in completing complex software integrations.

It's not just development

We also offer a full design package for print and web including logos, flyers and business cards.

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Case Studies

Cathexis Web Based Quotation System

We were approached by Cathexis EU to pitch for their project to turn their existing Excel based quotation system into a cloud-based system that would allow their team to generate quotes via a web portal. After a successful pitch we set about turning their project into a reality, we had a number of initial consultation meetings and produced a specification document outlining the work to be completed. We then carefully considered a variety of technologies for the build and settled with a PHP based backend and an Angular Js based frontend. This approach allowed us to give the user instant feedback as they selected options to build a quotation.The initial phase was to build a database with the backing data contained in the excel sheet, we manually designed and uploaded the data which allowed us to eliminate duplication and develop a comprehensive backed data system from which almost all of the data feeding into a quotation could be managed. We then began work on the front-end quote line builder element as there was a large number of user selectable options and nuances that went into the creation of each line of a quotation. This was a major undertaking and required a number of meetings to clarify amendments and tweaks that were required. We then set about building the remaining parts of the system including PDF and Word download functionality and specific pricing levels for specific users.

The Biffa Award

After obtaining a brief from the Wildlife Trusts we set about redeveloping the Biffa Award website to the new specification. The old website had many links that guided the user to a dead end or complicated the user journey and as such the new website was designed to be streamlined and to guide the user to the correct place. The home page contains a number of signposted links to carry out activities on the site. The site itself was built on top of a premium wordpress theme with layout and functionality customisations as requested by the client. The theme contained the site origins page builder and a number of custom page builder widgets were created to support the site functionality. In addition to this a custom postcode lookup was created using google maps geocoding which allowed the site to determine a user's eligibility for project funding based on their distance from a Biffa recycling operation. The project was completed well and we have an ongoing relationship with the wildlife trusts.

Jeffery and Wilkes Mobile App

A client came to me with a request to develop a cross platform mobile application for his business, this app would allow customers to see the status and details of their project at any stage during the project's lifetime. Wordpress was selected as the platform of choice for the backend due to it's ease of use, angularjs and cordova were selected for the app to ensure that it would run on all devices. The resulting app worked using multiple external APIs including Docusign, Outlook and Dropbox.

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