Twitter for OpenCart

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This twitter module is designed to display a twitter feed from any twitter account on your open cart installation. It requires minimal configuration and has a simple layout.

This module is compatible with opencart 2.0


Installation Instructions 

Backup the website.

Upload the zip file to your server via ftp and copy the contents into the upload folder. This should not need you to overwrite any files.

After this has been completed successfully, log in to the system and select Extensions > Modules. Click the + on the HtmlStudio Twitter module to install it.



Click edit on the module and fill in the details (note this will require a twitter API key)



To get a twitter API key sign up at then navigate to and set up a new app.



Copy the consumer key and consumer secret from the ‘Keys and Access Tokens’ tab and paste them into the appropriate fields in the module. You can re-use the keys between instances of the module so you only need to get the keys once.


Navigate to System > Design > Layouts and add the module to the page you wish.




The module has a stylesheet included in the httwitter.css in the default theme folder,  to override this place a new httwitter.css in your custom theme.

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