The 3D Printer

In late 2014 after many months of deliberation I decided to take the plunge and buy myself a 3D printer. With all the news and coverage they were getting I though “what the heck, let’s give is a go”. I took a great deal of time and studied closely the pros and cons of various 3D printers on the market and decided to go for a low cost solution. If I’d gone for one of the more expensive options and decided that it wasn’t for me then it could have turned into a costly buying mistake. I turned to and decided on the printrbot simple as my printer of choice. Initially I wanted to go for the more expensive (already set up) option but instead ended up with the more modern 2014 edition with metal plate due to various stocking woes. I was very happy with this purchase however I didn’t yet realise how much effort it would take to assemble this little printer kit!

The Arrival

Oh the excitement when it finally arrived, the little well packaged box containing all the pieces to build my very own 3D printer! On opening the box I was greeted with the following :


Ah, yes some assembly was required. It looks daunting but still my rough estimate suggested that this should only be a short affair of around five hours or so. First of all when considering this you have to bear in mind that I am in fact a programmer by nature which makes me somewhat good with logical systems secondly you must consider that I don’t in fact own any tools whatsoever.

As soon as the box was opened I realised¬†what my first issue would be, I didn’t own a craft knife which was laid out in the instructions as being essential. Looking at it, the wood had been cut out but was still held in place by some small connections that would need to be chopped through and due to the accuracy of the cut only a small knife would do. ¬†Cue the next day when I took myself down to the hardware store for supplies.